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I have been ill with M.E. for the last 15 years and had to stop working 14.5 years ago. I have been horribly ill and bedbound for a large proportion of that time. I began to make jewellery about a 8 and a half years ago when I started to become a bit better. I needed something to occupy me, that I could do at home, that was within my capabilities. I still suffer greatly and my physical ability is very limited but I'm improving slowly.

I have no idea what started me thinking about making jewellery, the idea just popped into my head! Before I was ill I used to train horses and had a dog walking and pet sitting business so this is totally different! I am amazed to find my self making jewellery and enjoying it so much. Even more so as I don't wear jewellery myself (only very occasionally).

What motivates me are the stones. I consider it my job to show them off as best I can which is why my designs are fairly simple; I let the stones speak for themselves.

I am also a part time Gothic model. This is quite a challenge with my condition as you can imagine but I have a very supportive husband who is also my photographer. You can visit my new print shop www.etsy.com/shop/annacalypsomodel

I will also be offering editing services from my print shop so please check that out too.

Incidentally, the black cat is my cat, Lewis, who has been my constant companion throughout my illness. I could not have got through without him. Sadly he went OTRB a few years ago and now there's Harriet - well she's just a ball of fluff!!

Anna xx

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