About My Jewellery

Welcome to Black Cat Jewellery.
I am based in the UK but am happy to ship worldwide.

If there is an item that you fancy but you would like an alteration made, please contact me via email (info@black-cat-jewellery.co.uk) with the details and I will try to accommodate your request.

Alterations can include, but are not limited to, resizing, clasp changes, charm changes, preference for a different base metal e.g. silver, copper, brass or gold. Where alterations are made, please allow up to 2 extra business days for your items to be sent.

I regularly make new pieces so do check back frequently.

I use a variety of metals in my designs ranging from base metals to gold vermeil.

Tibetan Silver - I often use Tibetan silver. This is essentially a base metal which can be either antique silver or antique gold in colour. It is often an alloy of zinc, copper and tin. I always buy beads which are lead and cadium free. I use this material because it comes in many different designs. The range of pretty beads available is far greater than silver / gold plated or sterling silver. Also it does not tarnish. A major bonus!!

Silver or Gold Plate - I am sure you are familiar with these metals. They are a base metal, often copper, plated with a thin coating of silver or gold. The disadvantage of these is that over time the plate will wear off but the time this takes depends on the amount of wear a piece gets. Also silver tarnishes but this can be removed by cleaning the piece gently with a silver cleaning cloth.

Those with allergies can often wear plated metal with no problems depending on how severe your allergy is.

Sterling Silver - This is, by law, 92.5% or more silver. The rest is made up with other metals. Most silver is stamped with with '925' or a hallmark. You might not be able to find the stamp on your piece as it might be hidden or have been cut off during the design process.

Most people with metal allergies find that they can wear sterling silver.. However, it does tarnish and is expensive. The price of silver has shot up in recent years.

Gold Vermeil - This can be either yellow gold or rose gold. It is a fantastic material and I love using it in my ear threads. It is gold plated sterling silver. It is different from normal gold plate because the plate is far thicker than regular plate meaning that it will not wear off any time soon.

If you have allergies, you can have the benefits of wearing gold without the high price.

Please note that I never use plain base metals for ear wires. I always use plated metal or better.

 Caring For Your Jewellery -

All items are handmade by me with care, love and attention. To ensure that you get the most out of your jewellery please DO NOT-

- wear it in any form of water (pool, shower, sea etc)

- let it come into contact with perfume or other cosmetics.

- wear whilst undertaking any form of exercise or other activities such as gardening or housework etc.

Please treat your jewellery with care and respect.


How To Use This Site - 

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To search, for example, for earrings within your chosen season, use the search bar (magnifying glass at the top right) and type 'earrings winter', 'earrings summer' etc.

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If you are interested in having your colours done and therefore learning how to look your best, you can find a stylist local to you on the House of Colour website - www.houseofcolour.co.uk/find-a-stylist


Please note that while every effort is made to produce accurate images of the jewellery, the difference in computer monitors may mean that the colour varies slightly from the picture. If you would like to discuss the exact colour of a piece please don't hesitate to contact me.