Having Your Colours Analysed

If you have had your colours analysed, you will know how this can completely transform your look for the better.

If you have not, I strongly recommend it if you are some one who loves to look their best. And who doesn't?!

It involves a consultation with a stylist who will assess which season you are, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter and will then advise you on which colours you should wear to bring out your natural beauty.

For my Gothic modelling I have to wear a lot of black but I know this doesn't suit me. Now this is fine for photoshoots and the fact that it makes me look very pale is often an advantage as the 'dead' look is celebrated in the Goth culture, but for everyday life, when I am not wearing trowls of make up, I like to look my best naturally.

I am an Autumn, all the earthy, warm tones. And oddly I am drawn to those colours especially when designing jewellery. I love to work with gold, brass, browns, oranges and mustard yellow.

Below are two photos of me. The left wearing colours which aren't in my season, the right, as you can see, I am wearing all Autumn. These two photos are just selfies but taken in the same conditions and light. You can see how much browner, healthier and better I look in the right hand photo.

I also believe that having had my colours done, I now have a better understanding of which colours go well together and I am now applying this to my jewellery. Not just Autumn, but all the seasons. I can see that some of my earlier pieces are completely wrong and the the colours jar.

I am still working on my collections and will be adding pieces over the next few months but I hope that, whatever season you are, you will find something to love on my website.

Please contact me at info@black-cat-jewellery.co.uk with any questions.